Toyota Innova Crysta touring Sport Anniversary Model

We know Toyota innova is a great success in private and commercial sectors and celebrating its first anniversary  toyota India has decided to launch a new variant of the car called the touring Sport

 Toyota Innova Crysta both in petrol and diesel engines

Mechanically it stays the same  with petrol and diesel engines manual and automatic gearboxes but cosmetically you do get a few upgrades .

Toyota Innova Crysta touring Sport Price

Petrol Variants price

2.7 litre AUTO price 20.84 Lakh Ex Delhi

2.7 litre MANUAL price 17.79 Lakh Ex Delhi

Diesel Variants price

2.8 litre AUTO price 22.15 Lakh Ex Delhi

2.8 litre MANUAL price 18.91 Lakh Ex Delhi


Toyota Innova Crysta touring Sport comes in Colours

1 White Pearl Crystal Shine

2  Wildfire

Toyota Innova Crysta touring Sport design

The gloss black grille chrome accents on Bumper looks really cool and you get the whole styling second that is crossover styling package which has the front lip some side skirts and some actions on the rear bumper now all of these are laden with a bit of chrome which i think is great combination of a rugged and a slightly more premium look you also get  two chrome swatches on the front bumper again a little bit more premium than standard innova

Toyota Innova Crysta wheels

Few owners have actually complained about the 17-inch wheels on the new innova not holding up too well with Indian road conditions which is why Toyota has downsized the new 16-inch alloy wheels design and well this one is finished in a shade of matte black which again offsets really well  on this car

Toyota Innova Crysta interior

Inside you get some black leather seats with contrasting red stitching and the older wood design with a lot of great wood grain has been replaced by a slightly reddish a slightly different looking a stain now that might not be do everybody stitch but I think with this red color combination it looks really quite cool

Toyota Innova Crysta touring Sport video

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