Renault kwid vs Tata Tiago the best budget cars

Renault kwid Price – 2.62 lakhs to 4.49 lakhs

Tata Tiago price Р3.88 lakhs to 5.26 lakhs

Best budget cars in india

Renault kwid over the past year it’s carved out a nice little niche for itself by offering features that were unheard of in its class the other car that follows a similar mantra Tata Tiago and Tata have prized it so aggressively that it not only under cuts its main rivals such as the Celerio and the i-10 but a few of its variant lies squarely in the best category.

Renault kwid and an extremely good-looking modern dashboard welcome to in terms of features it’s got a chiller a condition of frontal power windows and of course the talk of the town the touchscreen infotainment system with navigation that said the system is packed to a couple of speakers and the audio quality is just about average and about the grid that in spite of its compact proportions on the outside Renault have genuinely managed to carve out space for four people on the inside moreover my absolute favorite part about this car has to be the boot it’s rated at 300 liters and that isn’t just more than the Maruti alto that it competes with it’s a hell of more than the Maruti Swift look whit is powered by a 799 CC three-cylinder petrol motor that develops 54 PS of power and 72 Nm of torque
now they are a rated fuel efficiency is an impressive 25.17 kilometer per liter however out in the real world the math we manage is somewhere around 14


Steering is super light which makes driving around town complete these taking a quick u-turn or parking in a tight spot is a cakewalk thanks to the steering and the compact proportions
Tiago among the first things that you notice about the Tata Tiago and Tata Tiago AMT compared to the Renault kwid is the difference in build quality for example the sheet metal that one with thicker the paint is more lustrous overall it does not feel as built to a cost as the Renault and call me slightly old-fashioned but I actually prefer the way the SUV looks compared to the quiz yes the Renault does have those SUV overtones with those flared wheel arches and the matte black cladding it definitely knows how to stand out but this this knows how to blend in and I like that the design is simple clean minimalistic devoid of any excessive pieces of cuts I think this design will age very gracefully of course the extra money gets you a lot of extra heat in the Tiago you get this stellar eight-speaker or your system or tilt adjustable steering wheel with mounted controls dual airbags ABS and most importantly a better built car for example the color-coordinated air vents the gloss black center console and in general the quality of the dash all kill one notch or maybe even two notches above the kwid alright let’s talk about engine options now the Tiago gets a petrol as well as a diesel motor it’s a 1.2 liter 3-cylinder unit that develops 85 PS Power and 114 NM Tarque but if we had to pick one it would be the tiago the kwid engine gets a bit too vocal a triple digit speeds and that alone will stop you from going any further noise insulation is slightly better on the Tata as well and the engine is more at ease doing excess of 100 kilometres an hour all right then let’s particular car will cost you around three thousand rupees extra over the Renault kwid and if you can’t afford it it’s an absolute yes the Tiago is better built has better space has a more refined engine and a generally better feature list so here’s the deal why wait and upgrade to a better car later when you can buy one in the first place you

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