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Nobody can kill redmi 4 battery in one day

Xiaomi Redmi price in india starts from :6,999

This is the brand name Xiaomi Redmi  for the most expensive Redmi device to date what has the most excited about this phone is a new snapdragon 625 processor which benchmarks as high as the Helio p10 processor yet promises low power consumption it’s also the very first Redmi device to have a 1080p.

Body: Redmi 4 prime is made out of matmetal and it feels pretty cool it’s not slippery and it’s also pretty easy to use one-handed because it is a 5 inch phone and the curves on the back really help with gripping as well the curves also make this phone thinner than it really is because it’s actually one of the thickest Redmi phones at around 9 millimeters

You have the non-lead capacitive button at the bottom and I think this is the first redmi device to not have a black bar around the screen anything that’s not screen is just bezel which is great it don’t have many complaints about the build it feels good it’s compact the design is updated but I will say that the Redmi 4 still looks a little bit boring compared to for example the mi 5s or even the mi Note 2

Display: Redmi 4 have a real decent 1080p IPS display on the red mi 4 and the display looks sharp it actually looks sharper than the Mi Note 2. one because the Mi Note 2 screen is bigger and two big as the Mi Note 2  uses a penthouse screen colors are displayed pretty accurately and they generally look nice these photos really show what the screen is capable of but on the grand scheme of thing the screen here still doesn’t match up to the top end AMOLED or the top end LCD screens as well it goes up to 500 of brightness which is easy enough to see in sunlight but it’s still a bit hard to see and direct strong sunlight it also has a gorilla glass covering the screen

Music: it have bottom firing speakers and I’m trying my best to be objective here with the speaker quality just because I just reviewed the mi Note 2 and the speaker quality on that phone is pretty good but on the read mi4 the speakers here are just average. volume wise they pump out pretty loud sound not as loud as the mi 5s but definitely loud enough for everyday use but quality wise again it doesn’t match up the mi Note 2 it’s not as clear as the mi note 2 and it’s pretty much lacking in bass

Amazing Battery: I never thought a Remy device could surprise me in terms of battery life but here it did so again I was expecting amazing results 6 hours of screen on time 25% left no problem but this read me for blew my expectations out of the water it was able to get a mind-boggling 10 hours of screen on time split between two days with three percent left I mean I don’t even know what to say to I continue using my Lenovo z2 plus which gets really good battery life 6 hours of screen on time for one day with a Snapdragon 820 or the Redmi 4 get two days of heavy battery life with a Snapdragon 625 I’m still undecided I it’s a hard decision here so here’s what I have to say about battery life absolutely nobody will be able to kill this phone in one single day unless you do something crazy for example play YouTube for morning tonight then it’ll take you like 16 hours to kill this phone heavy to ultra heavy users you can get at least two days of use out of this phone medium and let users you can get at least three days possibly even four maybe stretching up to a week depending on how light your use is definitely the best part of the Redmi 4 prime is the battery life

Xiaomi Redmi price in india starts from :6,999 – Buy

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