Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2017 fuel efficient car Mileage 28 to 29 kmpl

Maruti  Suzuki DZire 2017 Price-Review- Design-Interior -Mileage-Seating


 Maruti Swift Dzire 2017 Ex showroom price
Maruti Dzire LXi Rs. 5.45 Lakh
Maruti Dzire VXi Rs. 6.29 Lakh
Maruti Dzire ZXi Rs. 7.05 Lakh
Maruti Dzire ZXi+ Rs. 7.94 lakh
Maruti Dzire VXi AMT Rs. 6.76 lakh
Maruti Dzire ZXi AMT Rs. 7.52 lakh
Maruti Dzire ZXi+ AMT Rs. 8.41 lakh
Maruti Dzire LDi Rs. 6.45 Lakh
Maruti Dzire VDi Rs. 7.29 Lakh
Maruti Dzire ZDi Rs. 8.05 Lakh
Maruti Dzire ZDi+ Rs. 8.94 lakh
Maruti Dzire VDi AMT Rs. 7.76 lakh
Maruti Dzire ZDi AMT Rs. 8.52 lakh
Maruti Dzire ZDi+ AMT Rs. 9.41 lakh


The New Maruti Suzuki  DZire 2017 has been shortened from the front extended from the back and lowered overall to make it look a lot more balanced as well as proportionate than the outgoing car and this design really does please the eye gone is that stubby boot from the back and the new design looks a lot more proportionate and a lot more classier than the outgoing version

Design :  New design look striking on the outside it is also built on an all-new platform this car share this platform with team Maruti Suzuki Baleno multi calls this hard stack platform and it is about a hundred kgs lighter than the outgoing car and what that lighter cover it essentially means is that this car will be a lot more fuel efficient than the outgoing version and we predict that this car will have fuel efficiency figures of about 28 or 29 kpl claimed by Maruti when it officially goes on sale on may 16

Interior : Not only does it look very posh enough market on the outside it also looks very smashing on the inside so let’s get inside and check out the interior well not only is the new  DZire desirable to look at from the outside the cabin also is really very very stylish and feels very up market and very posh from the outgoing card and the Maruti really has improved the overall fit and finished the top of a dashboard as well as the top of the door pads are really made from soft feel materials and you get this nice 7-inch screen of it it has apple’s carplay as well as Android auto system on it for your smartphones and you also get two airbags as well as ABS with EBD standard right across the entire range which means that safety is taken care of right from the entry level version all the way up to the top and variants

Steering: The biggest changes and the highlights in fact of the cabin is the fact that you get this on your steering wheel it is a flat-bottom steering wheel it feels nice and sporty to hold and this nice leather wrap around it makes you feel like you are driving in a much more posture as well as for up market car

Seating :  the seats on the  DZire are just as good as the outgoing car in fact these seats are very similar to the earlier car the support for the lower back is excellent you also get nice bold strings on the side and support for the other tie is also very good the seats squab itself is very long as well as very wide which means that if you are someone who’s only heavier side these seats should be comfortable even on those longest or long journeys if you are someone was about six foot in height you should not have a problem in these seats the seat cushioning is very good the backrest angle is also excellent and you also get your own AC vents now at the back so the  DZire is biggest legroom is finally sorted out and multi really has a fantastic job in terms of the comfort over here well Martha Suzuki has also increased the width of the car it’s about 40 millimeters wider than the earlier car and what that means is that you get a lot more space over here now in the back seat so these seats are now much better at accommodating three people for those long journeys well another good point about the  DZire is the fact that you get these huge windows at the back which means that the cabin feels a lot more brighter than it already is and the other good point is that doors at the back open really nice and wide which means that if you have all older people at home those older folks should really find getting in and out of this car a very breezy affair but of course if you have someone who travels all along in the back seat then all you do is simply pull up armrest and keep a couple of drinks for those long journeys and enjoy the backseat experience of the all-new  DZire

Boot Space : The Maruti finally answered one of the biggest browsers that buyers of the  DZire had and that is of course limited boot space now the old car was about 350 liters in terms of boot capacity this one as you can see is much more massive it’s officially 376 liters but the best part is that the aperture is huge and there really is very wide which means that even really having those big box without any issues and there is a bit of a sill also but it’s not a big issue because it really is a very deep boot now in terms of space it isn’t the biggest boot in this segment but in terms of usability as well as practicality this is more than enough and all the boot actually that you will ever really need to send any one to the airport with entire luggage in

Engine : Maruti will attain the same 1.2 litre VVT petrol engine along with the 1.3 liter DDIs diesel engine both these engines are high on efficiency and deliver very good torque as well you can not only choose a manual gearbox on both these engines but you can also choose the popular AGS automatic AMT gearbox on both the petrol as well as the diesel engines once this car goes on sale so maruti we will officially launch this car on the 16th of May which means that such in time for the summer vacations and it is a car which you should definitely go out and check at a Maruti dealership near you it really is a very good product.

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