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Mahindra Automatic Tractor in india from 2018

Mahindra tractors has always been working farm mechanization solutions in india now it has opening doors to new possibilities in farming it is this relentless quest for delivering farm tech prosperity that has led to the evolution of what it called as  farming 3.0. Farming 3.0 aims at assuring a new era of technology and innovation into farming as a testament to this commitment Mahindra launches the revolutionary Driverless tractor technology Driverless tractors in india. Driverless technology will empower farmers to remotely control tractor operations with just a click on the tab bringing about a paradigm shift in the way they farm some of the path breaking features include auto steer feature, auto headland turn, skip-passing features, auto implement lift feature, Obstacle detection and avoidance feature.

Mahindra Driverless tractor technology feature

Mahindra automatic tractors expected to available from next year in 2018 the driverless tractor technology is going to develop tractors from 20 HP to 100 HP Mahindra and Mahindra ltd programmed this tractor to carry out specific tasks like auto steer feature powered by GPS it enables the tractor to travel along a straight path thereby ceding along straight lines or creating straight furrows auto headland turn and skip-passing features enable the tractor to orient itself along adjacent rows for continuous operation the tractor is equipped with auto implement lift feature that automatically lifts and lowers the implement from the ground at the end and start of the low respectively

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Obstacle detection and avoidance feature enables the tractor to come to a stop when faced with obstacles in the farm even go around it and continue the farm operations

Mahindra’s DIGISENSE technology the geo fence lock feature prevents the tractor from going outside the predefined boundaries of the farm these technology features along with remote start/stop can be accessed to a user-friendly interface driverless tractor mahindra is bound to positively change the face of farm operations in India and consequently the lives of the farmers forever the advent of this driverless tractor technology is poised to assure the dawn of a new era in Indian farming enabling our farmers to rise.

What is Farming 3.0?

Farming 3.0 is features farming what agriculture actually means and what really needs today this includes 1.0 and 2.0 Farming redefine. Agriculture is foundation of both cultural and economic life. It a real understanding the economic parameters that govern our food system today what social skills and techniques do we need to have and apply to achieve today’s needs from farming. How can we develop better ways to have capital flow into agriculture areas where it is really needed.

What is Farming 1.0?

Farming 1.0 is one of the traditional ways of agriculture that have developed over thousands of years and still today the most prevalent form of agriculture practiced in india heart of this farming is labor, small relatively.

What is Farming 2.0?

Farming 2.0 is a industrial mindset of agriculture we can call it as industrial agriculture or agribusiness one of the main ame of this farming is to grow big economically.  That started producing high quantity of food with questionable quality


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